KL Tools

KL Tools

Throughout your itinerary, you will receive the support from the team of professionals at KL katealegaia and the rest of the tools we use day-to-day in order to improve the employability of people with disability: Urratsez Urrats (skills assessment), SIPS (Intermediation Service for Deaf People), Harrera: Reception and training through new technologies, PPA’s (Individualized Support Plan), Ongoing on the job training, Coordination Protocols with the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network (referral, follow up and support for people with Mental Illness), Accessible Quality (management of the accessability of quality records by means of new technologies), …

Urratsez Urrats

Through Urratsez Urrats, KL katealegaia has systematised and made a tool available to the CEEs and companies in general that measures the difference that exists between a person’s own skills and the level of demand required for a job, as a prior step to starting up personalised action plans, as well as for the adaptation and improvement of jobs.

Download Urratsez Urrats 2.0 methodology

SIPS Intermediation Service for Deaf People

A practical improvement of the integration of deaf people’s collective in KL katealegaia with the challenge of improving the socio-labour insertion results and quality of life of this collective in the labour environment through actions such as; adaptations of environments and work places, Individualized Accompaniment and families, Intermediation in Sign Language, Awareness towards the deaf community, ….

Coordination protocol with the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network.

A protocol between KL katealegaia and the Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network (Osakidetza) establishing the coordination process and tools for referrals, insertion, follow up and intervention of people with mental health in Gipuzkoa so that people with mental health can achieve a better insertion and quality of life in the labour resources of this organisation.


KL katealegaia is committed to quality training supported by accessability, flexibility, efficacy and adaptability standards. In this sense and to support this commitment, it has developed DEMO with the application “harrera for the reception and training of people with disability incorporating them into jobs” (this included a collaboration with the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council in its design). This tool seeks to improve to the quality of reception of the person to the job and the training thereof.

Accessible Quality

An application developed by KL katealegaia facilitating quality records at manufacturing processes remotely and without physical supervision, employing new mobile technology devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. In short, a tool that contributes and provides the organisation with the environment enabling it to develop and implement new opportunities that help us to improve the insertion of people with disability in an accessible way.