Guidance Service

An interview held using the Purdue tool

We are a Lanbide collaborating centre for the collective of people with disability.

It is a service offered by KL katealegaia to people with disability job seekers, in order to improve their employability, through the use of tools and the ongoing design of different actions to better approach labour integration in a personalised manner. In order to do this, we have qualified and highly specialised human resources units in the labour integration work of people with disability.

The main functions of the technical staff of the Guidance Service is to enable a meeting space in which job seekers can locate a reference for their employability.

We offer personal treatment aimed at an effective and successful labour integration.

In order to achieve this, we initially identify their competence skills through interviews and support tools.

Once the assessment has been carried out, we develop the best itinerary along with the person, providing him/her with the resources that best adapt to his/her needs.

Ultimately, we intend to find a better job opportunity along with the people attended in relations to their employability and generate job access possibilities.

You can obtain assistance in KL katealegaia, in the employment centre closest to your town or you’re most interested in. Or you can contact us through the tag on the job portal.