At KL kateaglegaia we are men and women with different skills.

Responsibility, respect, developing with people and our commitment to society are some of the core values of KL katealegaia. We help to find jobs adapted to skill sets through an individualized guidance service and labour pool.

At KL katealegaia we carry out industrial activities and help businesses to hire people with disability, this means there is a wide range of opportunities.

KL katealegaia’s socio-occupational insertion itinerary

Within KL katealegaia’s socio-occupational insertion itinerary is its guidance service, the employment with support programme and the employment of the KL facilities. The people employed in the KL production centres are those with:

Personas en Katea Legaia

Physical disability523
Sensory disability138
Intelectual/mental disability237
In risk of exclusion10
Without disability42

We adapt to your itinerary offering a range of resources

Resources for employability

We assess your skills and needs from the first interview to guide you towards the appropriate resource. Either in KL katealegaia special employment centres, in employment with the support of a regular business or in other types of resources.

Throughout your itinerary, you will be supported by the team of professionals at KL katealegaia and the rest of the tools we use day-to-day for this purpose: UrratsezUrrats (skills assessment), individualized Support Plan, training plan. . .