Industrial Solutions


We are a comprehensive supplier that industrializes, produces, devises, assembles and controls different technology components for industry

We are the partner of leading companies in their activity sectors. We offer a comprehensive industrial service of customized solutions for the manufacturing of recurring products.

In our 40 years of activity, we have been able to provide a coherent response to an increasingly complex and technological market. In order to achieve this, we have developed training programmes for the specialization and professionalization of personnel and provide the necessary technological, management, production and structural means to do so.

We Are a Comprehensive Industrial Supplier



We want to be there during the project start-up to get to know its characteristics and specifications first hand in order to provide the most efficient response to the needs requested.

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We are assembly experts. Our over 40 years of experience developing activities in different fields of activity translates into the know-how we offer our clients. Including accompanying the client to the source market.

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Best Cost Solution

We do the engineering to define how and with what technical and manufacturing means we are going to carry out each task and offer the most efficient productive solution. We combine mechatronics and our industrial know-how along with other technology partners to provide a solution under the best cost company philosophy

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We have technology alliances to cover the full range of project needs: plastic injection, electronic engineering, boilermaking, wiring, etc., within the province thanks to the extensive and experienced network of companies in every field of industrial activity.

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We put KL’s financial resources at the project’s service for the acquisition of the necessary productive equipment for a correct product industrialization, financing the investment of technical and productive means under the appropriate contractual guarantees and based upon different forms of payback.

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Quality Management

The activity sectors our services are aimed at are very demanding and KL is fully oriented to its clients’ satisfaction, meeting the quality specifications their products require and that is why our production plants and processes are governed by ISO Standard 9001-2015 in which we are certified.

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Purchasing and Procurement

The provision of the necessary components for the correct production planning, according to the deadlines defined by the client is carried out from the Purchasing Department, always from KL approved suppliers and/or those directly defined by the client.

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Based on an ad hoc production structure, KL industrializes the product in any of its 12 manufacturing plants by incorporating it into its productive management systems that include data capturing for the tracking and control of inventories, process and end product traceability.

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The strength of our production processes has received our clients’ trust and has enabled end product shipping to be managed on occasion from our facilities.

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