Industrial Solutions


We are a comprehensive supplier that industrializes, assembles and controls different technology components for industry

We are the partner of leading companies in their sectors of activity. We offer a comprehensive industrial service of tailor-made solutions in the manufacture of recurring products in medium and high series.

In our 40 years of activity, we have been able to provide a coherent response to an increasingly complex and technological market. In order to achieve this, we have developed training programmes for the specialization and professionalization of personnel and provide the necessary technological, management, production and structural means to do so.

We Are a Comprehensive Industrial Supplier

Comprehensive industrial solutions: specifications, advice, best cost approach, multi-technology, investments, quality management, purchasing and procurement, production and logistics.



With 35 years of experience in the assembly and packing processes of recurring mechatronic products, KL katealegaia offers specialised technical advice on the industrialization of products, based on solutions that integrate technologies of various kinds.



Our Purchasing, Technical Office and Process Engineering teams offer additional added value to assembly, managing the stockpiling of materials, assuming equipment maintenance, and developing the necessary tools and test equipment.



At KL, we maintain a permanent review of our industrial standard to adapt it to the growing demands of the sectors in which we are present.

Our way of understanding the relationship with our customers drives us to pursue continuous improvement as a basic tool for the consolidation of our long-term activity. Methodology.

The degree of digitisation achieved by us allows us to perform an efficient interconnection with our customers’ management systems and, our data capture tools provide accurate information for proper process monitoring and adequate decision-making.



The trust placed year after year in KL, by leading companies in their sectors of activity, is the best guarantee of the commitment we maintain with the quality of our service.

This commitment to quality is based on perfectly defined protocols and robust processes that are complemented by a team of people oriented towards a job well done. KL is ISO9001-certified, covering all its activities and all of our production plants.



We consider our commitment to service to be our greatest strength – and this is achieved by ensuring that the customer can receive their order on a timely basis and with the required quality standard.

The internal management tools developed for this purpose allow us to be flexible and adapt production capacity to changing scenarios, as well as offering customised logistics for just-in-time (JIT) deliveries at the customer’s production lines.



KL is composed of people of varying abilities who play a key role in the success of the companies they work for, helping them build products that combine excellent functionality, reliability, and cost.

KL workers are moved by a common spirit – collaboration and sharing goals with our customers.

It is our natural way of understanding relationships, from partnerships, participating in the investments that enable the processing their products.